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About Craig

I am based in Portland, Oregon and most often work with my head on my pillow, staring at the ceiling, during the sleepless hours of 1 - 4 AM.

Not unlike doctors and lawyers who get to refer to their work as a practice, I have been “practicing” design and other creativity for over 20 years, loving every stroke along the way. Far from my parent’s wishes of receiving those grand initials at the end my signature like other professionals, I (with my BA in Fine Arts) live, eat and bleed communication in visual and written form…thus, the less beaten path to bliss. short…I love to draw pictures for a living.

Along my way to achieving designer proficiency, my work includes print ad campaigns, annual reports, billboards, websites, cd covers, corporate identity and TV commercial storyboarding and so forth.

While some of these projects have won peer awards,…ALL are designed with the foremost intention of functionality.

Yes... form does follow function…

I know...Blasphemy!

Why Spencerxing (Spencer crossing)?

Not to get too flakey, but everything in life that we engage, ...we, in a sense...cross it's path. And while crossing paths with people, places and things, we leave an impression, a signature...a brand. How one crosses paths with others makes an impact whether we are conscious of it or not. Not unlike branding, our actions market everything we do...from wearing jeans to wearing khakis...drinking scotch neat or drinking scotch on the rocks. I hoped to leave a positive impact when crossing my path. Hows that?

Actually...the truth is... when I searched for a domain name, this was the only word not taken.